potential re:claimed


potential re:claimed

Reclaimed Wood Collections

Our vintage wood comes in many different textures, colors, and species. Each has their own story and character that makes them unique. Click to explore more about each material.

Farm Pine Collection


Grey Pine Stormy

Honey & Oats

Silver Dust


Worn White


Gold Dust

Rustic Red


Antique Oak Collection

Wild Horse

Whiskey Trail

Sand Dune

Sunset Bay

Industrial Collection


Shou sugi Ban

vintage pine

re-milled warehouse pine


Specialty Products - Limited Release

Corral Board

Sinker Pine

No 7. Cotton Pine

Maple Factory Gym Floor

Reclaimed Beams

Reclaimed Beams

Reclaimed Beams


finishing touch

finishing touch

Proud Retailer of Vermont Natural Coatings

Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey® is a durable, safe, easy to use finish that meets the highest professional and environmental standards. Toxic components traditionally found in wood finish are displaced with recycled whey protein. A neutral odor, great coverage, quick drying, and easy clean-up make the PolyWhey family of finishes tough, environmentally smart coatings for all interior and exterior wood surfaces.

While we love working with the Matte finish, it's also available in Interior Satin and Semi-Gloss, as well as an Exterior Water Proof Sealant and Exterior Penetrating Caspian Clear.

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