We offer kiln drying services.



Having your wood kiln dried kills all bugs and helps to minimize future movement in wood products. By raising the internal temperature of the wood to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, our kiln reduces the moisture content of wood to 8-12%. Our state of the art kiln is completely computerized, utilizing temperature and moisture probes to provide the most accurate readings. We can dry up to 8,000 board feet at a time.


Our kiln drying services are priced per the board foot and dependent upon thickness. 

To calculate board footage, multiply the width x length x thickness (in inches) and divide by 144.

ex. 88" long x 18" wide x 2" thick = 3,168 / 144 = 22 board feet (@ $2.50/bf = $55 +tax)

Material less than 2" thick: $1.65/board foot (Minimum Cost: $150)

Material 2"-3" thick: $2.80/board foot (Minimum Cost: $150)

Material 3"+: Pricing dependent upon moisture content. Generally add $1.15/board foot per inch increment. (Minimum Cost: $150)


How long does it take to dry my wood?

Most materials are dried to 8-12% in 5-7 days.

Does my wood need to be air dried prior to being kiln dried?

Yes, please air dry your wood for at least one month before inquiring about kiln drying. "Sticker" your wood while it air dries by adding spacers between each slab or row of boards. This allows the air to flow around your material which naturally reduces the moisture content and speeds up the kiln drying process.

How often do you run the kiln?

We wait to run our kiln until it's at least 75% full. We typically run it every 2-3 weeks. In the winter, we cannot run the kiln when the outside temperature is below freezing.

When can I drop off my wood?

Give us a call to find out when our next load will be started. You can drop off your material up to a week before we are scheduled to run the kiln and we will add it to our next load if space allows.

Is there a minimum?

We have a $150 minimum.

Do you offer discounts for high volume?

Yes! Ask us about special pricing if you have over 4000 board feet to be dried.

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